Recent Publications

  • Germann, Nadja (2021), “How to Teach Things with Words: Al-Fārābī, Māyin’s Doubt, and the Transmission of Knowledge”, Studia Graeco-Arabica 11: 1-12.

  • Germann, Nadja (2021), “The Structure of Knowledge: Al-Fārābī, Avicenna, and the Classification of the Sciences”, Revue de philosophie et de théologie 153: 269-290.

  • What is language? How did it originate and how does it work? What is its relation to thought and, beyond thought, to reality? Questions like these have been at the center of lively debate ever since the rise of scholarly activities in the Islamic world during the 8th/9th century.

  • Germann, Nadja and Rivera-Calero, Noel A. (2021), “The Causes of Grammar: Ibn Jinnī on the Nature of Language”, in Philosophy and Language in the Islamic World, ed. N. Germann and …

  • Germann, Nadja (2021), “Philosophers, Mystics, and Other Sages: Wisdom in Early Islamic Thought”, Philosophy East and West 71: 603-623, (online version:

  • Germann, Nadja (2021), “Lafẓ and maʿnā”, in The Encyclopaedia of Islam Three, ed. K. Fleet et al., Leiden and Boston: Brill, 93-95 (online version:

  • Germann, Nadja (2020), “How Do We Learn? Al-Fārābī’s Epistemology of Teaching”, in Knowledge and Education in Classical Islam: Religious Learning between Continuity and Change, 2 vols., ed. S. Günther, Leiden …

  • The annual colloquium of the SIEPM in Freiburg, Germany, was groundbreaking in that it featured a more or less equal number of talks on all three medieval cultures that contributed to the formation of Western philosophical thought, the Islamic, Jewish, and Christian traditions.